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Microblading Training

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Thanks for your enquiry. We will get back to you ASAP.

What is this?

It is a 3-day beginner’s course that will cover ALL the topics you need to go on and become a successful Microblading artist. You will be in a class with a maximum of 2 students. I am an independent trainer with teaching qualifications and by keeping the classes to two students it allows me to provide the level of attention needed for you to really progress in this treatment and really support and mentor you in that progression after you have left your training.


From UK local council licensing rules and regulations, Skin Theory, Colour Theory, Procedure Techniques and many many more.

It includes a pre-course study that will start you on your journey. Also, Assessments in the form of case studies to be completed after your training.

This course is about producing lovely natural brows for your clients, how to follow natural hair patterns and make sure the Client is getting the right shape and colour for their features.


Brows are not one shape fits all and lots of people are shying away from semi-permanent makeup as they believe it to be too harsh or unnatural looking. This isn’t the case with Microblading and when the right person is holding onto the tool with a good understanding of shapes and colour theory we can change the stigma surrounding it.


Do I need any previous experience in the beauty industry?

This course is accredited and therefore as long as you successfully complete your training with me you will be able to obtain insurance. However, it is beneficial to have some experience within the industry when doing a course as intense as this.

You will receive guidance & support after your training for as long as it is needed.


What is included in my Training?

  • Pre Course Study

  • 3 days of training with theory and hands-on learning.

  • Working on Live models

  • Case Study and after support for as long as needed

  • Kit


Kit Includes:

  • Set of 7 Pigments

  • Set of 8 Complete Microblading Tools (one Use - Pre-sterilised)

  • Single one use Blades

  • Multi-use hand tool (requires sterilising)

  • Fake skins x10

  • Measuring devices - rulers, callipers, String

  • Skin pencils x 2

  • Pigment cups x10


UK Law says it is compulsory to register and obtain a license for both yourself and the premises where you plan to carry out Microblading, with your local council. You should consult your local authority to find out about registering for skin piercing procedures, and to obtain a copy of their bye-laws.


They will inform you of what will be needed to get the room licensed and visit and inspect the room/premises to ensure protocol has been followed. There is a fee for this service and this can differ depending on the area you live and the council that you come under. This process should be started as soon as you have decided on your course.


Microblading takes time to master and takes lots of practice (hence all the fake skins in your kits 😄). It is not a quick journey but it is a very rewarding one!


On your 3rd day of training, you will work on a live model fully supervised and guided. You will then complete fake skin case studies when at home by yourself. Sending pictures of your work for review and feedback. Once this stage is passed you will then begin your 5 case studies of which you will have 4 months to complete ( this does not restrict or limit your after training support or mentoring but ensures that you progress steadily without big gaps between your clients which can lower self-confidence in the skills you are mastering).


Case Studies

Certificates will not be issued until all 5 case studies have been completed and the assessment has been passed to the satisfaction of the assessor.

Case studies have a specific structure that must be followed. No work on a client should be undertaken until I have received pictures of the client, their consultation form and a plan of action of how you want to go forward with the treatment, for example, their skin type and tone, what blades you are going to use, and the colour range you feel would work for them.


This gives me the opportunity to discuss with you anything that may have been missed but also will help with your confidence going into the treatment.


Students must complete this within 4 months of taking the course


A Blood Borne Pathogens course is required alongside your Microblading training. These are widely available online and take about half a day to complete. Where possible this should be completed before your training dates.


The complete course cost is £2400 - Finance is available for up to £2500 of the course cost.

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