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Fibroblasts are the main cells present in the skin, in particular the dermis which lies just under the epidermis. They make up over 70% of dermal cells and are responsible for producing, among other things, collagen, elastin and all the components of the ground substance of the dermis. In short, they work constantly to maintain the main part of the skin structure but can be stimulated to work even harder if the skin is injured. ( we are using a controlled burn trauma)


The only other way than surgery to reduce the loose, excess skin around the eyes is to cause the skin itself to shrink back to its former position. To get it to rejuvenate and heal. So how can we do that? Heat causes skin to shrink. We have known it for years. It shrinks in 2 ways. Firstly, it shrinks immediately if temperature is particularly high (think of steak shrinking in a dry pan before it cooks) and, secondly, we also know it shrinks slowly as it heals after a burn. If we can control the temperature and the length of time the skin is exposed to that temperature then we can control the amount of contraction we get. And there are different types of energies available which will produce heat.

RADIOFREQUENCY. (The energy my device uses and used in medicine for 50 years and well understood) Uses precise heat but also allows it to dissipate (spread) to a very precise amount. This technology causes the most contraction of them all.

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