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HD Brows, Brows Sculpt or Microblading?
Let us help you decide!



A helping hand to which Treatment is best for Your brows.

 HD Brows - Great for maintenance on brows that grow well. Also for those that have been a little pluck happy but have lost their way with the shape. That or you have lots of hair but it's so fair you can't see them!

Correction Lamination / Brows Sculpt - creates a fuller shape, covers gaps, lifts or directs hairs into a direction that results in a better shape.

Microblading - Over plucked/ or slow/ non growing brows that have large gaps, are too thin without enough hair to manipulate with lamination. ( Tend to find that even if no effort to remove hair gaps don't grow back in). Also great to great fuller brows when even if the shape is there the Brow is lacking density requiring day to day pencilling in. 

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