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B12 Boosts

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l am trained by a UK Registered Nurse Manager and every Vit B12 Injection administered is batch controlled and properly prescribed by a UK Registered Prescribing Doctor. Vit B12 Shot Academy run a tight ship when it comes to their administrators so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Do I need a blood test before I have a B12 shot with you?

In short, the answer is no.

Firstly We are not treating any medical conditions, we are administering B12 directly into a muscle to provide energy and health benefits, of which there are numerous! It is used in this way all over the world and for this purpose.

The subject of B12 deficiency has been all over the media lately and has highlighted a very important subject. It has also highlighted that blood tests for B12 deficiency are often inaccurate as they do not measure how much available B12 there is in your body, which is what counts.

When you pop your morning vitamin do you have a blood test first? The only difference is we are bypassing the gut which is the downfall of oral supplementation. By giving an intramuscular injection 100% is absorbed and gets straight to work perking you up 🤩

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